Sunday, September 26, 2004

i really do not like walking home at 5am when the streets are completely dead. it is the worst, most empty feeling ever and totally negates even good times whatsoever that occurred in the previous hours. open vodka bars tend to get real serious. especially when 5 minutes before the open bar ends, you buy three red bull & vodkas without ice and stash them in the dj booth so that you have drinks to last you for quite some time, only to find out that they are planning to reopen the open vodka bar an hour later. im sure you could have lit my blood on fire by the end of the night. not to mention the party components that ema brought to the night. no need to mention that at all...

i have officially not left the house all day. i may go to the bodega and buy a coke just so i can say that i have been holed up this entire time. ive been in such emo cuddle mode all day.

but now ive just now gotten a phone call that ive waited to get all day, but its made me feel horrible and ive totally lost all motivation to write anything more whatsoever.

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