Thursday, September 23, 2004

there was an unruly amount of cigarettes in the ashtray, so i made myself useful and emptied it. that will be the one productive thing i do tonight.

lauren's jam is tonight. its her first show with this new band shes in. she plays a lot of strings n things, ya know? ive never actually seen her play an instrument, only been to the occassional dj gig and what not. she doesnt go on til 1 in the am, a time that id much rather be lying in my hole floating in lost memories, but shes my roommate and shes awesome, so ill drag my lazy ass down to plaid and make cat calls at her in between songs and hopefully not spill my beer down my shirt. i came home tonight and she was headed for sound check. shes gotten a new hipster hairdo for this show (which looks mighty sexy i might add) and was dressed in all black with knee high boots on. if the music tonight is as hot as she looks right now, downtown manhattan is in for one helluva treat.

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smashistpanties said...

you BABE!!
Why haven't we fucked yet?