Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i have this insane fear of having my teeth knocked out. not like, someone punching me, but like falling flat on my face and standing up only to see an incisor laying on the ground surrounded by little drip drops of blood. cause like i was walking around tonight, and being that i live in the bestest city in the world, i wanted to take in the sites as i walking. ya know, window shop, check out the restaurants, eavesdrop on walkers-by and what not. and then im like "holy shit, i could totally trip on the uneven sidewalk and completely fuck my grill up." so spent the remainder of my walk home staring at the ground like a regular high school dork. when i was shorter, i used to have the same insane fear about having my eyes poked out and i wouldnt shop in a department store cause of all the tree racks with their metal pole limbs that were begging for a chance to gouge me. now that im a stunning five feet and seven inches of irish phenomenon, i dont really have that fear so much.



Anonymous said...

That is some awesome stuff, hon. Rockin' it!

smashistpanties said...

while walking across campus last night after work, I had this terrible fear that some group of guys would attack me. And as I screamed help, they'd all laugh and say "no one's around, sweetheart". They'd rip off my pants and I'd kick and scream... but I wouldn't be able to fight back because my left hand refused to let go of my bag of oreos.