Saturday, October 16, 2004

so teddy is town from florida. good times. spent the afternoon walking our asses off from Ave B to 6th Ave to go to Fat Beats. finally bought the new mobb deep. i cant really tell if this is actually a good album or if its just thats been so long that ive listened to something this hard that ill fall for anything even semi-gangster. but i do know thats gotten me in the mood to actually leave me house and try to have a good time, something that rarely happens. so im giving myself about 15 minutes to finish this 22 of heineken before i make myself leave for the train and inevitable end up at some dive bar and hopefully by the end of night ill be so drunk that i wont remember my name.

say my name.

we step in the club with one thing, on our minds, thats to leave with something.

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