Wednesday, October 27, 2004

yesterday was my one-year. 365 days in new york. where has the time gone?

ok, so like that song, that song posted below, is probably one of my favorites songs of all time. amazing, really. ive probably only heard three times in its entirety, but it just randomly pops into my head every few years and im stuck singing it to myself for weeks on end. it like, came out when i was in high school. a hype williams video. but not all flourescent and saturated. it was when he was in his simple black and white period. black people, white background. and shimmery, silver body paint. lots of it. you didnt really expect him to ditch the shine completely, did you? anyway, the song and accompanying video were released, received minor airplay and never heard from again. so this time, i was like fuck it, was a full album released or was this just a one not-so-hit wonder? and yes, there is a full album. and holy shit, does it suck! like wow, what a disappointment. i listened to snippets of every song off of the album. nothing but straight 90s r&b cheese, which is understandable, considering it was released in 1997. but ya know, you cant really be in 2004 and go back and listen to something for the first time that was created in such a faddy time period and actually consider it good music. this song had so much potential, there is nothing else like it on the album. now im left feeling robbed. i went this whole time thinking about the possibility of there being this great something out there and then when i put in the effort to find out, all my fantasies were shattered.

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