Monday, October 11, 2004

you see, this is what happens when you play a drinking game and everyones like "man, youre totally gonna wasted off that beer" and youre all like "this isnt beer, im drinking margaritas" and everyones face just kinda goes "whoa!" and what i mean by "what happens" is that you end up spilling the very last cup of margarita mix and damn near the last drop of tequila all over your vaginal region and you then decide to hump the keg. all of course with a lit cigarette in your hand. this all took place in the white breadest of white bread towns, west hartford, conneticut. a house on a lake, not a lake house, its where they just live. complete with canoe. i had to scream "TIME OUT!" at everyone like a kindergarden teacher and it felt good.

that is also a brand new shirt that im wearing that i received in the mail saturday afternoon. i heard that there is only one other like it in existence, but the other one is like a XXXL. i heard that if the two shirts ever happen upon a chance meeting, that they will fuck the formal script out of each other until they are effectively nothing more than a times new roman shell of what they once were.

by the way, that shirt says Parkdale.

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Tyranny said...

fucking hot picture.