Saturday, November 06, 2004

last night was one of those nights where youre like "blaaaah, i dont wannnnnna go out." and you get to your first destination and youre still thinking about how much warmer it is in bed. and then you get to where you really meant to go and someone throws on some madonna and youre like "HELL FUCK YES, I AM WASTED!" and then you wake up on your couch at 10 am and try to figure out how you got home, if you said good bye to anyone and where your virginity went.

our cabbie last night going from point beginning to point final told us how he lets people have sex in the back seat because he likes to watch and how he has a nine inch cock. true story.

katy played music for awhile last night and threw on some jay-z for me and i was like im feelin it. karisa said "i just did 15 shots of whiskey and i am not even drunk." jens was bartending last night and everyone knows shes gotta heavy hand. it was andrews birthday and he caught the emo. brian kept ass grabbing me, hes a weird one, that kid. i licked some ceramic tits and then called it a black out.

thanks, michelle.

ps: i do not have vag cancer. not that the guy that im dating cares.


Anonymous said...

I did not catch the emo. I got too much street-cred to catch the emo. You probably mistook the expression on my face, the one that said, "I'm really tough," and you were drunk so you thought it said, "I wear horn rimmed glasses and weep over guitars playing dissonant chords."

Don't worry, I've been there.

Brian said...