Thursday, November 18, 2004

ok, so for those privledged few that have the honor of hearing me bitch and moan constantly about my job know about the most recent blow-out with my boss and how i sent out resumes like a mad man all weekend long. well, this week at work hasnt been so bad. my boss decided to fire my co-worker (which for some reason my boss says is my doing, but i dont really see how), and things usually run a bit smoother when its just me and my boss. but it just so happens that i actually got a response to one of the resumes that i sent out. and it also just so happens that these people know my boss. and in the PR world, its all gossip gossip gossip. translation: if she knows my boss, she is eventually going to tell my boss that her number one employee is looking elsewhere for employment, thereby having my boss making my life a living hell until i really do quit. so to soften the blow, i was basically forced to tell my boss that i had been looking for another job in the event that she received a call about me. i also told her that i would have to leave early on tuesday for "medical reasons," which is obviously a complete lie. i have a fucking a job interview, duh. but i hate lying. i absolutely fucking despise it. so now i feel all guilty and am thinking about telling another lie to cover up this lie, but in the end i would be telling the truth. you follow? i mean, this company that i have the interview with has a lot more high-profile clients and seems a lot more professional. i mean, just look at their pretty website. i wonder if all the frolicsome pink is just a facade for another dark-hearted bitch of a boss. god, i hope not.

so should i actually follow through with this interview? and the survey says...

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So how'd the interview go?