Friday, November 12, 2004

proper: how bout this
proper: *insert photo from friday night*
SofterThanCamay: WTF?
proper: i love it
proper: you always seem fine
SofterThanCamay: i think i was totally blacked out at that point
SofterThanCamay: no wya, i was slurring like crazy
proper: yeah actually you were
SofterThanCamay: haha
SofterThanCamay: i am the most incoherent drunk to ever stumble the face of the earth
proper: but you looked fine
proper: when i get liike that my face turns to jello and one eye wanders
SofterThanCamay: do i serious not look drunk when i am drunk?
proper: not as drunk as you are
proper: thats the trick

ummm, ok proper. whatever you say...

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