Monday, November 01, 2004

the t-shirts were finally reunited and they strolled through the streets and shops of lower manhattan hand-in-hand in wintery bliss, eating everything in their path.

there are things that i know that he doesnt know that i know. but these things are good things to know and when hes being mean, these things make me know that he doesnt really mean it.

and although its hard at times, these are things that i try to always remember.

but his skin is real soft against mine and waking up next to him makes me think twice about ever joining reality again. ever. and he looks at me with these big brown eyes in a way that i never see him look at anyone else. never.

and no matter how long we're apart, these are things that i try to always never forget.


scott said...

ahhh you fuckin found my lair afterall.....foiled again!!!

ps...this is real cute in a gag me girly sorta way...jk....youre a sweetheart

Tyranny said...

baby, you need to drop that zero and get with a hero.