Sunday, December 12, 2004

i took nelly's advice. blame the radio, not me.

after burrowing myself in my bed for the majority of yesterday, for the lack of interest in dealing with the lot of it (and by it i mean life) and a general feeling of uneasiness that presented itself when thinking of actually having to interact with another human, i decided that today was dinner and a movie day. and ordering take out and watching hbo did not count. thereby, i was forcing myself out of my house and out of my sad state (hopefully).

finding neverland was the movie of choice. thats a damn good movie. its a damn good story. it always has been and always will be, i suppose. dreams, love, hope, etc. universal concepts that everyone can relate to. johnnie depp has come along quite nicely as an actor. kate winslet, not so much so. but shes still relatively new to the majors. the kids in the movie were outstanding. you should go see it and have a few tissues stuffed in your pocket.

dinner was had at a restaurant that we recently signed as a new client. i had a knuckle sandwich for appetizer, which is lobster meat and truffle jus sandwiched in toasted white bread and topped with an egg over easy. for the main course was one of my all time faves, filet mignon. this restaurant is like the best for winter dining. sooo west villagesque. it was nice to get out and see how the other side lives.


Anonymous said...

you are playing yourself constantly. i wish i could be around you all the time.

Anonymous said...

Nice rack.

Miss World said...

bitch, i'm going to start charging you for picture usage!!!!!