Sunday, December 19, 2004

yesterday i walked into a Gap for the first time in six months. and yes, it had everything to do with sarah jessica parker. so i believe that i am finally done with all my christmas shopping. a little something for those that have chipped in to keep me sane, and a little something for those that have made me feel like dying. can you guess which one of those you are? i may still pick up a bracelet or something for my grandma, it all depends on how much time i have and if it stops snowing.

my mother totally broke down this weekend. i think that she thinks that i am going to end up spending all my time in florida with my father. i am trying to be very diplomatic about the whole situation and having to spend my vacation tip-toeing around peoples emotions because all i want to be is fair. t minus four days until the fun begins.

also, all ive been eating lately is deli sandwiches. with avocado. thats one of my new obsessions, avacado. avocado and ginger ale, cant get enough of them these days. ive always eaten guacamole, but straight up avocado is something totally new to me. but the sandwiches leave me feeling fat and sluggish. a chronic case of the itis.

went to kmart today to buy camo thermals, but they didnt have anymore in my size. so i bought a cheap sweatshirt instead. because i dont give a fuck.

i did not drink a drop of alcohol this weekend, which means that a lot less people had to duck flying glasses this weekend. and if i had cussed my boyfriend out this weekend, i would have at least remembered it.

im not always such a domineering bitch.

sometimes i like to play the gimp role.


Katy said...

That chick in red looks like a whore.

smashistpanties said...

Hot women that become feisty angry drunks are so awesome.