Wednesday, January 05, 2005

damn, it all goes by so quickly, no?

the end of december was fantasticly torturous. all those star-wishes finally got me what i wanted and i got to go home. well, for the holidays at least. the second ever split-parent christmas went off without too many complications and very little complaining. my grand prize for being the best daughter ever was a stellar ass digital cam, which you will bear witness to here, in this blog. duh. also on the ranking at the top of my favorite present list was a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear. if you dont know, Build-a-Bear is a cute little store where go from station to station making your very own stuffed animal. theres the pick-a-carcus station, the stuffing station, the fluffling station and then you get to pick out a cute little wardrobe for your doll. they even put a tiny little red heard in the body before they stuff n stitch it! i, of course, choose to build a bunny.

Dear World, I present to you Mary-Anne.

you cant see it, but the key element to her is her glitter red shoes ala wizard in oz.

i spent some QT with teddy, who is my most fave of all time. he and i unknowingly bought each other the same shirt for christmas. we are BFF soulmates. hes holding down the emo hair these days, and i fully support him.

gainesville was my home for a long time, and i think that my friends there are finally starting to get the idea that its not my home any longer and that no matter where i go, that i will not end up back there. its sad really. people so close to me and ive now been reduced to seeing them twice a year (maybe) and for only a few hours at a time. i guess we'll always have Salty Dog, huh?

i got some new tats. no photos those. these are mine and they mean a lot and i dont want to share them right now.

i miss florida. ill be going back soon. take that for whatever.

even though i cried the whole flight home, i totally rocked our on new years eve and had puked and passed out by 2am. it was fun, it was an nye reunion for me and a guy i used to date. same champagne, same pills, different city. i spent the remainder of the weekend locked in scotty's apartment, literally.

thanks for keeping me company, scotty.


scott said...

ahhaahah...three cheers for serving!!!

Katy said...

Come to Phoenix. Kthanksbye.