Sunday, January 09, 2005

long weekend, little sleep. katy is currently in phoenix and she has been deeply missed. in her absence, i have been spending lots of time with karisa, who is the Samantha of our Sex and the City quartet. ive learned a lot about karisa in the past few days, and without getting into the more personal details, ive realized that she and i regard friendships in very much the same way. hard to the core. karisa and i spent friday night bar hopping until we inevitablely ended up at max fish, and surprising ran into people that had forever sworn off said bar. cutting to the chase, she and i ended up in brooklyn until 10am the next morning (10am is when karisa had to be at work) doing unspeakable amounts of unspeakable things with unspeakable people. the majority of the time, the two unspeakables in question spent trying to convince me to stay in new york and how horrible my life would be if i were to leave and how actually, once youve lived in nyc, you were cant live anywhere else. it changes you. they also spent a good deal of time consoling me on my relationship problems. i wont really get into specifics. it was very weird to say the least. especially since theyre supposed to hate me. an eye-opening conversation regardless.

saturday, andrew and i ate a very nice dinner. i, of course, had filet mignon and he had some sort of duck thing. it tasted like pork though. mouth-watering pork that is. i then headed to Quo to check out the scenery cause their one of our new clients. wasnt feeling it so much, so i hopped a cab and headed out to queens to hang a bit with scott, since i know that our time is limited. sucks that it has to be like that, huh? i ended up spending the night out there, which may not have been such a good idea since i had to work tonight at 6pm. scotty got me back in my house just in time to wash my face, throw on some clean clothes and hop in a taxi to 50th. we also recently signed a play as client, Pieces of Ass. everyone should check it.

but now the new celeb reality shows are debuting on vh1, so i think im gonna smoke a cigarette, take a shower and get in a few last minute serves before i head to bed.

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