Saturday, January 15, 2005

last night was the Serve Open 2005. karisa, jess and i served everyone in our path from 6th street to max fish. that is eight blocks in total of hardcore, balls-to-the-wall servation. we did the cabbage patch. we did the robot. and we humped a lot of legs. we also learned to NOT serve puerto rican boys cause they like that shit just a little too much. karisa had weed thrown at her, she threw pistachios at some girl and i, for once, didnt throw anything.

amy faay:miss was in the spot last night and, again, people confused us for one another. its really quite the compliment to me because she is a total fox, but people really are idiots if they think we look anything alike.

i finally returned all of the christmas presents this week. it kinda made me sad, not because of the reason why they had to be returned, but just for the simple that they were really nice fucking gifts. i almost wish i were a guy so i could have just kept them for myself. oh well, i guess ill just save the money and spend it on something worth having money spent on it.

i will be making a rare appearance at DD tonight. shank em if ya got em, fellas.

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