Saturday, January 15, 2005

MissWorld: ?what the hell is the Serve Open 2005
SofterThanCamay: like the US Open, only with serving
MissWorld: oooh
MissWorld: did kim tell you i hooked up with John "legend" like 4 years ago?
SofterThanCamay: haha! YES
SofterThanCamay: ive been meaning to ask you about that
MissWorld: imagine...seeing a guy you hooked up with and used to avoid on M fucking TV!
MissWorld: jesus hell
SofterThanCamay: is he from ny?
MissWorld: he's been here for a long time
MissWorld: he lived in the neighborhood and went to my gym
MissWorld: i think he's from philly though
SofterThanCamay: did you actually sex him?
MissWorld: nooo
MissWorld: it was in my 'picking up dudes in bars' phase
MissWorld: apparently he had a fake id
MissWorld: cause he's only 24 now
SofterThanCamay: HAHA
MissWorld: life is funny sometimes
MissWorld: :/
SofterThanCamay: why did you use to avoid him?
MissWorld: cause it was a little embarassing. literally
MissWorld: i was like "you're hot, i want you." bam
MissWorld: wasted obviously

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Miss World said...

Remind me to kill you the next time i see you.