Sunday, February 27, 2005

i cannot find my usb cord. fiddle sticks.

it has been overcast and/or raining the whole time ive been here, which actually hasnt been that long, so i cant really complain. ill take the rain in 70 degree heat over blizzarding snow in 25 degree weather anyday. well, almost anyday. i am one big greaseball. my dad asked me if i could tell a difference in the air when i come down here, and i said no, i can tell a difference in my hair. frizz city to the nth degree.

i have eaten out for every meal since i touched down, aka no one has cooked a single meal in honor of me or my return. if something isnt cooked reallll soon, im just gonna have to be like "yo guys, whats the deal here?"

moms and i went shopping today. i bought five new pairs of shoes. FIVE. its real serious. im not even sure what im gonna do with all these, or why i even bought them. but you know when you make the decision to go shopping, like you know, G-O S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, and you get all manic with your purchases? and you buy everything you fucking see that you may some day in the near, or more likely distant, future have something that may remotely match whatever it is youre buying? because its at a real good price and you kinda like it, and hopefully youll like it even more when you get it home? until like three hours later when youre in banana republic trying on some pants and you realize that youre totally exhausted and just say, "fuck this, im going to the food court"? thats what todays shopping experience was like, kids.

that mario "let me love you" joint is still hot. i dont think ill ever get sick of hearing that one. that trick daddy/black sabbath song is still banging. i actually expected to be hearing that more on the radio this time around. theres some song where the dude is whisper rapping. sounds like it might be petey pablo? definitely sounds like some gay shit hed do. im not really into having my raps whispered to me there, fella, nice try though.

katy left me a message today saying that she has a scab on her knee and she doesnt know where it came from and that if i were there, i would be able to tell her, so where the fuck am i? well, to answer your message, katy... i am in florida. the scab in question may have come from last sunday when you totally busted your ass on the walk back to my place. you may fallen on the stairs at DD last night. you may have been giving head to a dj and not have positioned yourself properly. im really not too sure. but i can pretty much gaurantee that you did not fall into the cellar of a bodega. thats my move.

i will never, for the life of me, be able to remember how to correctly spell "gar-un-tee."


Katy said... aint that hard.

anyway, still no news on the mystery scab. i remembered smacking my head on max fish's metal shutter at 6 am, so i don't understand why i can't remember where this scab came from. maybe smacking my head caused the blackout and i did it on the way home??? i was the dj last night, so i know i didn't give head to any other djs....

either way, you could answer these questions if you were here. or i would not have been rolling dolo to the peach pit like that and playing ceelo til sunrise.

pfft. yeah right. i would have been playing ceelo til sunrise even if you were here, i just wouldnt have been dolo.

ceelo is the new cocaine.

Wisdm said...

ill rob you on some ceelo, shun!

Katy said...

simmer down.

in my hood, niggas wyle out over ceelo

in your hood, niggas wyle out over pigeon dunks.

don't get it twisted there florida.

Wisdm said...
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Wisdm said...

the LES is a high fashion hood, what more can i say?

lemme know whats good in arizona...