Thursday, February 03, 2005

when you live in the LES, this is what your refridgerator will ultimately look like. yes, that is duct tape holding up the bottom shelf on the door. yes, that is a 16 oz can of hurricane sandwiched between two six packs of pabst (hey, it won the blue ribbon in the 19th century, dammit!!!). yes, that is week old chinese food. yes, that is a ten gallon jug of maple syrup. sustenance is no longer found in the four major food groups, but in whatever you can scrape enough change together to buy at the corner bodega. and bodegas were made for buying beer. you do the math.

i was contemplating posting a photo of my newly acquired ass bruises, but i didnt like how the shape of my ass looked, so now all you get is a photo of my fucking refridgerator. lucky you.

my boss and i keep playing this game where we talk about how sick we are all the time. its not that were really sick, because no one is sick for a whole damn month, but she and i refuse to give up this easily played hookie card.

8:30 am
*ring, ring*
i dont think i can come in today,
im not feeling so good this morning.
*cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle*
ill call you in a few hours
and let you know if i feel well enough to come in.

you get the idea. that scenario plays out about once a week now. she does it, i do it. who wouldnt?

katy and i are planning a trip to napa in march and i have not ever, nor will i probably ever again, been so excited to go to the west coast. we will drink wine, eat healthy and maybe even put a dent or two in her sisters car. we will be hell on wheels.

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