Sunday, February 13, 2005

that is one of my goodestest friends ever. his name is james and he lives in philly and i have known him for four years now and he came into town last night and we got drunk. but not like a fighty, screamy drunk like usual. more like a dancey, giggly drunk.

he is the only guy that i would let i take up-skirt shots of me cause like its james. whenever im not doing too good, he always calls me and says, "come to philly. youll have a good time here. ill take care of you." and so i go to philly. and i have a good time. and he takes care of me. it took me 15 hours to drive to philly from gainesville. straight through. but i had a good time. and he took care of me. he made this offer to me a few weeks ago, but i have been unable to take him up on it, so he came here. i havent seen him in about a year. on my myspace page, he left a comment saying, "Bitch moves closer and we talk LESS?" weird how that happens, ill save the analysis for later. or never. last time i was in philly, i dyed is mohawk red. now some else is dying his hair for him and im not sure if i like that.

i had to sneak in liquor last night because the drinks at rothko suck and if a bar is gonna charge an ungodly amount of money for a cocktail, then their drinks should at least NOT suck. but they let us smoke, so i dont complain about the prices to their face. i woke up in my bed still fully dressed, complete with boots. what can i say, i really liked my outfit last night.

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