Sunday, March 27, 2005

fyi, that last post was supposed to have been saved as a draft, and not actually have been published. you see, i wrote it really late at night and i failed to give the story all the umph! and vavoom! that it was deserving of. oh well, another time, i suppose?

long overdue, i finally got my hurr and my nails did. my hairstylist is this cute little black girl named joy. joy is scared of dogs, doesnt like when i cut my own hair and wont cut my hair as short as i want it because she knows that ill cry and she doesnt want that. isnt she just perfect? but i always try to get her to cut it shorter, and as shes doing it, im like, "YEAH JOY, REALLY GET INTO IT! THATS THE SPIRIT!" my mother pretty much cut my hair for the last 10 years or so of my life, and joy is the only stylist that ive had since moving to nyc that has not had me leaving in tears. and i know no one else can tell a difference, but trust me, my hair is totally not the same as it was before.

last night, my roommate L.Flax the snatch magnet spun at DD. this is the third week in a row that DD has been blessed with my presence. an anomaly. well, that first week really shouldnt count, as i blacked out and dont remember it. that means that i wasnt really there, right? kinda of ghostly and only semi-existant? lauren threw down the electro jams and i threw back a few vanilla stoli and cokes and proceeded to dance the night away with noelle. (katy, unfortunately, had to unexpectedly leave due to circumstances out of my control.) noelle is one sexy ass dancer and if she didnt have a boyfriend, and if i were gay, i totally woulda put the mack down on her last night.

i ran into the elusive henry still last night, who is a total hottie, but has been, and will always be, on a strict asian-women-only diet. i called him on it last night and he said that i was pretty hot "for a white girl" and he would consider giving me a go if i wanted. ha! then i came home and tried to pass out on the couch, but couldnt, and ordered food instead. as i get up to go to the bathroom, im greeted by this little sight...

kim had apparently come home and passed out at her computer. thing is, when i went to wake her up, she didnt even have any programs open. i was like, damn, the drunk took her over before she even had a chance to sign on aim.

now we are watching "the notebook" and being lazy girls. thank god for jesus and slooooow sundays.

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