Wednesday, April 27, 2005

in the early 1990s, one out of every 10,000 children were autistic. today, its one out of every 166. they say the major influences could be pollution, the mercury levels in vaccines and, of course, genetics. but lets face it, this society is going to hell in a handbasket and were not gonna have a cute little red and white gingham tablecloth to chill out on when we get there. we eat like garbage disposals, keep ourselves totally medicated with whatever we can get our hands on, do nothing but sit in front of the couch and/or computer and are, in general, utterly fucking depressed. this cannot make for healthy baby-making. no, not at all. i cant even begin to imagine how babies of the future are going to come out. [did you know that 1 out 5 teenagers has experimented/abused (god, those really sounded like barbara walter words) prescrition pills, a higher statistic than has used "illegal drugs"? and that the media has now started referring to them as Generation Rx??] either that, or its just natures way of population control. because like, whos gonna sleep with a retard? that is, if an autist even has sexual desires or even knows how his/her sexual organs fucntion. but then again, whenever any type of human malady that appears to be of epidemic proportions is brought to attention, i just figure that nature is pissed at us for being greedy little bastards that reproduce quicker than gremlins. and so she scolds some here and some there, but everyone will get their turn in the end.

also, my lovely home state of florida has just passed the "force with force" bill, which allows people the right to meet "force with force," even fatally, to defend themselves on the street when confronted with a threatening situation. am i the only one that sees a lot of gray area there??? its like florida is just shoving reasons down my throat as to why i should come back home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

coney island is soon to be no more. thor industries is buying up the boardwalk, raising the rent and kicking niggas out. we here at the House of Yes are none too pleased. it is estimated that ny summer 2006, coney island as we know it will no longer exist. get your corn dogs and roller coasters ride while you can. this may be your last chance. :(

that is a grand ole photo throwback to the year 2002, i had not lived with my parents in some odd years at this point. in my hands/mouth is gracie. but you cannot pronounce the R in her name like an R, you have to say it as a W. so really, her name is gwacie. it was gwacies first christmas and i had to induct her into the family the proper way, by trying to fit her head into my mouth.

she is probably one of the cutest puppies that ive ever seen. she has this tiny little underbite that makes her smoosh mouth look even smooshier. and she has the softest, silkiest hair, which she inherited from her father Spot who we owned as well. it was basically love at first sight. eventhough we had several dogs at the time, she was MY dog. well, her and princess. those two, yep, those are mine.

one summer, my dad had decided that there were too many dogs, and gwacie being one of the newest, needed to find a new home. so my parents sold her to a friend in naples. i was probably at one of the lowest points of my life at this time and this is quite literally the straw that broke the camels back. like when absolutely nothing is going your way and hasnt been since the beginning of time and everything catches up to you at once and the only thing you know how to do to survive is gaaaaaaaasp and hope someone or something notices your struggle but no one does because they are all gaaaaaaaasping themselves and to top it all off they gave your dog away, yo. and this monsoon of pathetic hopelessness rains down on you and you fall to your knees and look up at the sky, or over at your clock or down the barrel of a gun and you say, "okokokokokok, i give up now."

teddy, i love you.

my parents finally realized how bad of a shape i was in and let me drive to naples and get gwacie back. and she has been mine again ever since.

tonight, my mother informed me that the other dogs, theres a total of ten of them now, tore the living shit out of gwacie this past thursday. it took her four days to tell me this. my mother didnt even know if gwacie was going to make it through the night, and that even still, she can barely walk. so tonight, i am sad. cause she is my baby and she is hurting and i cannot be there to take care of her.

Monday, April 25, 2005

omg! im not the type of person to get starstruck. really, im not. ive met a few A-list celebs, know a handful of undergrounders and its really not a big deal. cause theyre just human right? but then i got a call from one of our clients last week saying that someone had rented out the private room for a small award ceremony. some prize or something or other was being awarded to the director of The Woodsman and that Phylicia Rashad was going to be hosting. the client asked me to come down to make sure things went smoothly and just, ya know, mingle a bit.

so i get there maaaaad early, as i usually do, and ended up just waiting around for about a half hour. the time the event is supposed to start comes and goes and theres only four people in the room, none of which have anything to do with the making of the party. and then she walks in... Phylicia Rashad in all of her Claire Huxtable glory. i couldnt have been beaming harder if my name was rainbow brite.

i was literally at a loss for words. there she was, the mother of theo, rudy, vanessa, denise and what was the oldest daughters name??? i watched The Cosbys for years on both is regularly scheduled hour and on syndication. it was like being 10 all over again and chilling in my sweatsuit on the recliner eating a Cheez n Cracker Handi Snack as i waited for the end of The Cosbys and Sanford & Son so i could go take a bath and come back down for dinner. dude, do you understand who this lady is???


i introduced myself to her and told her that everyone should be there shortly and she informed me that she "just could not stay." just imagine her saying that in a claire huxtable voice, only its not just claire huxtable, its A REAL PERSON!!!. she kinda spoke condescendingly, yet very motherly. at times, i wasnt sure if i should tell her off or ask her for her chocolate chip cookie recipe. apparently, she had informed the organization that she was on a very tight schedule, and besides, she had been at work all day and was tired and it was obvious that it was going to be quite some time before this party got under way. with that, i bid her adieu and watched as one of the most awesome women to ever walk the face of the earth walked right out of my life.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

i can do this thing where i can completely block out all physical pain. so from time to time, people like to test me on this. and im usually game because, i mean, if i dont feel it, then why not? so a few weeks ago, i let someone put a lighter to my arm. like, you hold the lighter upside down until the metal part gets mega hot and voila! you have your very own intimate branding tool. right up there ^^^, you can see the results of said experience as the fresh burn is just beginning to blister. it has been approximately three weeks since this occured, and this is what it now looks like:

it seemed like a good idea at the time. ill admit it, i even enjoyed it. but now i realized that my milky white, and previously unscarred, arm is now going to have this ridiculous monstrocity of mark on it for the rest of eternity, ruined for life.

as i was finishing my sparks with lauren, jay showed up and we drank another. katy called and said she had just gotten off the train and for me to hurry the fuck up and get ready and meet her at the bar and then we would decide where to eat. well, we ended up not going to dinner. su offered us a drink and i informed katy that i had been drinking for quite some time at this point and that i need to continue to do so, or i just need to go ahead and call it a night right now. its all or nothing with me, really. so we just kept the vodka coming. luckily, we had gotten to fish early enough to have the pool table all to ourselves, so su made katy and i play each other as he gave pointers on our shots. it was the Scratch Championship 2005. we both had some surprisingly decent shots though, even if we did scratch after each one.

we finished our game and katys model friend aaron met up with us and we fed him vodka cause hes broke and we understand how it is to be broke and in nyc. being a broke new yorker means you really need alcohol the most. but then i got up to go to the bathroom and was greeted by this lovely man in the back of the bar...

his name is paxton and he, and his friends, are from the UK. there was about ten of them that all flew to new york to give paxton a bachelor party and tape rather large dildos to his hands and force-feed him liquor. what is it about getting married and your friends wanting to publicly embarass you with a dildo beforehand? i used to see groups like this in tampa all the time. rubber cocks, blow up cocks, cock waterguns, lolly pop cocks... i mean, the cock possibilities are endless. paxton and company left shortly thereafter because they wanted to go somewhere where they could "act like assholes," and max fish seemed a bit "too classy" to them for that kinda behavior. they obviously have no idea what theyre talking about. they said they were headed to the meat packing district, and i told them that was the perfect place to act like an asshole.

we got drunk and then went to a Suicide Girls party at the rivington hotel. the party was lame-o to the max, but there was free red bull and vodka, so we stayed for a drink. there werent really any hot girls there, and i was feeling rather cocky last night, so i left before i pulled some "YOURE a suicide girl???" type of shit and flung my hair in her face with a fist fight ensuing. if you havent figured it out by now, im a tad bit agro with i drink.

we went back to fish and su pissed me off and katy made me try imagine my parents dying, which is not really something that i ever like to imagine, but i particularly dont like to imagine it when im drunk. so i left and comtemplated downing the bottles xanax and klonopin that i have, but fortunately i passed out before i could put too much thought into it.

its a shame weve been upsetting each other so often lately because we really photograph well together.

and why am i up at 9:30 AM on a sunday morning? because apparently, this is the time of the week that ex boyfriends like to call you and ruin your life.

well, the bad ex boyfriends anyway. the good ex boyfriends call you at midnight and offer to take you out and get you drunk.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

the weather was kinda ass today, but it wasnt actually raining and i didnt foresee any natural disasters in sight, so i decided to not waste away my saturday afternoons like i usually do, in front of the computer. so i shaved my legs, put together an outfit and headed for the post office to finallllllllly mail off my taxes, which were due on April 15th, the same day that they are due every year. you woulda thought i wouldve gotten the hang of this whole tax-paying thing by now, but really, its not my fault this time. i swear.

while at the PO, i also picked up an application to renew my passport. i think my current passport has been expired for about two years now, which is ok, because i havent really needed to leave the country. but when "Unga Bunga" and i finally decide for real to head off to Ixtapa or Dublin or Mars, i really should have my papers in order. quick getaways are so key.

i left the post office and grabbed a strawberry bubble tea and walked through the east broadway mall. there was a super dope dress-type thing there that i wouldve snatched up with a quickness had it not been 260 dollars. chinatown's really gotten a big head if they think they can charge 260 bucks for anything. i mean, come on, really? chinatown, quite honestly, you need a wake up call.

so im walking down all the little back streets of chinatown and im like, "gaaaaaaaaawd, there are so many people out today."

i just kinda figured it was because it was no longer freezing outside and people really felt the need to get out and buy cheap, tacky shit for their house. it happens every spring here. but there were like liiiiiiiiiiiines of people everywhere. and then i noticed that all of the restaurants had stands set up outside and were serving out food. food was EVERYWHERE! score! i bought a thing of noodles for a dollar and fresh beef (or dog, whatever) jerky and walked over to canal street. i had my earphones on for the majority of the afternoon, but then my CD stopped and i was too lazy to dig through my bag to press play again, so i was just walking around with the earpieces in, no music on. and then i hear these marching drums. and im like, "HOLY SHIT, THERES A PARADE SOMEWHERE!" im a sucker for a good parade, i really am. so i followed my ears to the drums and saw a cute little procession of those furry dragon monsters and a few drummers following behind.

how cute! one of the dragons came right up to me and started shaking his head at me and i got all excited! i think i saw the real, raw deal of one of these kinds of parades when i was hong kong as a little girl, but my memory may have made that up in my old age. minds do play tricks, ya know.

i originally wasnt gonna hit up canal, cause i wasnt trying to spend a whole lotta money on things that i dont really need. but then i thought, "what if someone has their Louis today?"

i have been looking for a good, fake Louis bag for the past few weeks and havent come across any worth actually paying real money for. i must have like had the LV logo stamped on my forehead or something cause as soon as i rounded the corner, there was this little lady standing outside one of the "stores" gently saying, "Louis, Louis." you know how they do, bootleggers, drug dealers, those real shady characters... they say something outloud, but arent really looking at anyone in particular, kinda talking into the air, thinking theyre not being obvious when its like HELLOOOOOO!!! EVERYONE KNOWS YOURE UP TO NO GOOD.

so i tell her, that i am, in fact, looking for Louis and she leads to the back of the "store" where she hands me a scrapbook filled with about 100 different styles of Louis bags. jack pot! so i showed her the one that i want and she sent a little girl off down the street to get it for me. too bad that when she brought it back, i decided that its not what i wanted. i have very strict specifications of how my knock-offs need to look. and this bag just wasnt passing the test. i did, however, buy a gucci belt.

then i bought the cutest pair of earrings to ever exist and went to kmart where i found my little girl tights, little boy wife beaters and my shampoo. lauren just bought me a sparks and katy is taking me to dinner. oh, and did i mention that im better than you? but you probably already knew that anyway.

fuck, i love the weekend.
after many, many weeks of neglecting my favorite store, i finally made the trek out to brooklyn to visit the one, the only, the imcomprable Target. now i just said imcomprable and im sure youre sitting there thinking, "but katie, what about walmart? what about kmart?" and my reply is, "you gotta be kidding me." no store even comes close to Target. nuh-uh, nope, no way.

so i had cashed my check and boarded the B train with about $900 dollars cash in my wallet and a little over a grand in money orders. when i go to target, i go big. not only do they have the cutest, most inexpensive household items, but you can purchase things like an eye last curler, hamburger helper, or even maybe buy a new set of patio furniture for the upcoming summer months. summer is right around the corner, ya know? i mean, Target is just a one-stop shop of greatness. it cant be beat.

i had a mental list of all the necessary items that needed to be bought, and a few floating ideas of things that i might like to buy. ill just cut to the chase... they had none of what i needed or wanted. it was very anti-climatic. no little girls black tights, no little boys wife beaters, fuck, they didnt even have my shampoo. i did, however, walk out of there with a strawberry shortcake tank top; these cute little sheer, layered socks; a 12-pack of charmin and a sackful of snacks that every pot head would be envious of.

it really is true what they taught us in home-ec. do not go grocery shopping when youre hungry. because all you wind up with is "craving" food, not one single thing that you can make a decent meal out of. really, beef jerky just doesnt cut it as a dinner meat. from every snack isle, and believe me, Target has more than enough of them, i grabbed at least one something. but you see, target has a Pizza Hut Express inside it, and my intentions were to shop, grab something to eat from Pizza Hut (not the pizza, cause thats gross, just maybe some bread sticks or something. yeah, definitely the bread sticks. those are effin bangin!) and then jet home. but by the time i finished shopping, pizza hut had already closed and i was left with not only the feeling of having every single one of my dreams crushed simultaneously right before my eyes, but also with the gnawing hunger of not having eaten all day.

i ended up eating the Lunchable that i had just bought on the D ride back home. a lot of people think Lunchables are gross. but what can i say, i have thing for processed meats and cheeses. plus, it came with a Capri Sun and a Reese's cup. the ride home on the D is always the best. you can see the statue of liberty, plus the downtown skyline is just breath-taking. as soon as the train comes above ground, most people grab for their cell phones, me included. but last night i just decided to chill, take in the scenery and enjoy my Lunchable.

i stayed home last night to clean, pay bills and work on some photos. now im eating a ho-ho and drinking vitamin water, trying to wish the sun to come out and be warm again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Your Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English

20% Dixie

15% Yankee

10% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

since moving to nyc, ive realized that i have started pronouncing the word "internet" like "in-ta-net."

god, save me.
you make sleeping look so good, sometimes id wish youd take me with you.

Monday, April 18, 2005

you know, there are a lot things that im not. there are a lot of things that i cant do. there are a lot of things that ive had the opportunity to do and just totally fucked up.

one of these missed opportunities, quite possibly one of my greatest errings ever, is totally ditching out on piano lessons. i must have been like six or seven, living on hunter blvd. in the wonderful city of redlands, CA, when my parents bought me this pimped out casio for christmas. but there was one rule to me having it... i had to take lessons and you know, really learn how to play. fortunately for me, a few months later we moved to guam and luckily my parents didnt know any piano teachers on the island and they kinda let that whole taking lessons rule fall by the wayside. so i had this nice expensive toy that i pulled out every six months or so and fucked around with the little pre-programmed drum loops and tapped on the keys a bit, and then put back under my bed until another six months had passed.

well, then we moved to virginia. and my parents remembered the rule that they had imposed on me. but this time, they actually bought me a real piano and signed me up for lessons. every week we would drive an hour to my teachers house where i would pretend to be listening to what she saying and try to mimic the moves that she showed me well enough for her to be satisfied so i could hurry up and get outta there and get back to hanging out with my little idiot middle school friends. that lasted about a year before my parents realized that i wasnt really into it and decided to just let me go reenact scenes from "It" in the ditches behind st. joan avenue with all the kids from the neighborhood. yes, i admit it: i, and the kids in my hood, were extremely weird.

but now im older and it seems as if everyone on mtv and the radio are like, ya know, my age. and theyre like, ya know, talented. i sit there and listen to this shit and think, fuck, i am a loser. these kids were obviously not playing around in ditches screaming about some cadaverous circus clown when they were younger. they were not fuck-ups. THESE KIDS, these kids were straight-up winners. and sometimes i think maybe, just maybe, i could have been one of them. is it weird to be a grown ass adult and still have these childish fantasies of what you could be when "grow-up"??? ya know, like be a rockstar???

(oh god, what the fuck am i talking about???)

like fuck, i dont get to watch that much tv nowadays, but tonight i caught Save The Music on VH1 just in time to see the enchanting john legend, sitting oh-so-statuesque at his piano. i have never never ever ever wtinessed someone make love to a microphone like i sawe him do tonight. ill be honest, it left me a little hot and bothered. he performed here a few weeks ago and i, of course, forgot what date it was and completely missed the show. but then again, missing things is something that ive grown quite accustomed to...

This ain't a movie, no
No fairytale conclusions, y'all
It gets more confusing everyday
Sometimes it's heaven sent
Then we head back to hell again
We kiss then we make up on the way
I hang up, you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel like just walking away
As our love advances, we take second chances
Though it's not a fantasy I still want you to stay

Sunday, April 17, 2005

once again, i woke up with almost innate feeling that i had been done wrong in some way, shape or form. which doesnt really make any sense, since i didnt go out last night. but i know that i have been disrespected in some manner by someone that i care deeply for and although i dont know exactly what it is, i really dont appreciate it. im sure ill find out all the details in due time.

i went to soho today to return some unneeded clothing, but had to make a quick a retreat back to the apt. see: panic attack.

i even had to take a klonopin to ease myself and make this gnawing feeling of anxiety in my stomach disappear, which is quite possibly the first time that ive taken pills and actually needed them vs. just wanting them.

we smoked a few cigarettes on the fire escape and decided to move on to the roof. little did we know that the roof was now equipped with a sensor, which jay set off when he tried to open the door. i feel reallllllllly sorry for the people on the fourth floor who had no other choice to listen to the blaring alarm until the super came to turn it off. i had a feeling that was going to be kinda anit-climatic, so i left the building shortly thereafter.

su and i went and got hot chocolate and pound cake at this cute little gelato cafe on 1st and 10th. the hot chocolate was like meltified chocolate cake. it was almost a meal in and of itself. with the pills now kicking in and having a full, plump belly, i felt a bit better and decided to make the trip to spa-ha and make amends with my best friend, who i unneccessarily dissed on her actual birthday date for an ex boyfriend of mine who left bruises on my wrists and pushed me to the ground in an attempt to keep me from leaving him. (??????)

then i went to fish, then to DD, then back to fish. i love walking into a place with a dollar in my pocket and walking out with a dollar in my pocket. i have the coolest drink-buying friends EVER.

i was so elated, that i even tried to have a beyonce moment...

Friday, April 15, 2005

i got home from work kinda late-ish last night and decided to go with lauren and friends to the fischerspooner practice space shindig deal. lauren said that it was gonna be the last one and it was gonna huuuuuuuuuge!!! i said, ok i can dig that. plus the free alcohol never hurts. until the next morning. so i grabbed a beer outta the fridge and joined in on the pregaming that was already in process.

be nice and say hello to my friend jay who has a pierced cock. he also has his taint pierced, but do yall really wanna see that? im assuming no. whats the deal anyway with guys wanting to take photos of their limp penises? i could post more photos, of more guys, but again, im assuming that no one really wants to see all that.

i asked jay to go to the bodega and buy me a redbull and he asked me why, did i have any liquor? do *I* have any liquor. i told him yes, i have two bottles, and would he please be a dear and hurry along to the store already? we scrounged up what money we could find, combined it and decided just exactly how much redbull to purchase.

i told jay that if he were a stripper, i would definitely keep 50 cents reserved just for him.

so we consummated our drinking buddy relationship and the night was off on a good wave. and then my ex from high school called and we basically sat there for half an hour telling each other how proud we were that the other has come so far, and how we are BFFs 4-EVAH and WOW! HAVENT WE KNOWN EACH OTHER A LOOONG TIME??? and i got all teary-eyed because i love him lots and hes really got his shit together these days and... fuck, its been a long journey, hasnt it?

then one of laurens friends gave me half some huge white pill that i dont know the name to, jay took the other half and the night pretty much fades off from there. but apparently...

we showed some boobs,

*photo has been deleted at the request of the lovely L.FLax.*

tried to climb in the stove all sylvia plath steeze,

and licked some things.

and then i went to bed. fully clothed. clutching my camera.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

as cliched as it is, bad habits are hard to break. just when you think youre done, and i mean like D-O-N-E, thats just when it creeps back up to bite you in the ass, isnt it? it appears that i have, and am currently still in, a patch of weakness. forgive me, it happens to the best. when it stops being fun, and the loathing returns, the urge will subside and i can return to my regularly schedule program. its a sick cycle, but im working on it. really, i am.

okokokookok, so maybe im actually enjoying this(?).

Monday, April 11, 2005

what are those marks on your wrist?
why is your hand swollen?
and are you limping today?
did you get into a fight?

no, i did not get into a fight. i got away.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

friday night we picked up matt from the newark airport in preparation of the celebration that took place last night. that celebration, of course, was katys birthday. being that katy is my best friend, i had to play the role of not only the birthday maid of honor, but the role of business manager and... there was third thing, but i was drunk when i came up with it, and now i dont remember what it was. go figure.

we spent the day shopping and katy wore her newly purchased "c is for crunk" t-shrit. we decided that im getting the "g is for gangsta" shirt, karisa is getting the "b is for bling" shirt and shauna will get "r is for rad" and that is how we are going to rock the summer of 2005.

there was a tad bit of shade being thrown around by the bar where the party was held.

a.) one turntable didnt work, the other didnt have a needle and the cdjs had apparently died quite some time ago

b.) there was no liquor license for the bar downstairs. is that even possible? to have license for one bar in the venue, but not the other? whatever the case, the downstairs bar was not stocked with liquor and everytime we ordered a drink, the bartender went into a back room and returned with our drink in hand. i still dont understand it.

c.) the bar came complete with its very own Drunk Girl who was already asleep on a bench when we arrived there.

she even woke up midparty, looked around and then went back to sleep on ANOTHER bench.

after exchanging a few words with the bar manager and owner, we had a few more drinks and then went home to fish. im sure i was pretty wasted and yelling at everyone that i saw. why am pretty sure of that? because theres a lot of black holes in last nights activities. and those holes are usually filled with screaming and/or punching.

su walked me home, and on the way, he gave me a tiny painting. its kinda oriental-esque with a lotus flower and teeny baby blue jay sitting on the lotus' branch. i dont know where su pulled this out from, or why i didnt notice him carrying it earlier. even moreso, i dont understand the lotus-blue jay combo in the painting. they dont even have blue jays in the orient. maybe the artist was confused and it was really supposed to be a hummingbird or a mocking bird or something. im only human, i dont have all of the answers to lifes greatest mysteries. but when su handed me this painting, i said, "oh su! i love it! i think im gonna make this my next tattoo!" and then i woke up this morning and thought to myself, "why the fuck would i ever get an idiot blue jay tattooed on my body???" ech. but it is the cutest little painting and i do love it.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

you know i read your blog, right?

seemingly, everyone i know reads my blog now. and i had no idea. but for the past two or so weeks, i have been receiving massive amounts of in-person commentary. which is kinda cool, yet kinda fucking creepy at the same time. it was never my intention to have more than few close friends reading this. but alas, you guys are my close friends. i guess theres just more of you now than i could have ever imagined possible. i guess this is the part where i thank you for your time and interest. and for the love of christ, leave a fucking comment, why dontcha?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

apparently, today was contact-your-exgirlfriend day. everyone that has ever been lucky enough to be crowned with the title of "boyfriend" by yours truly called me within one hour. ONE HOUR! even my ex from high school. wtf???

i swear to god, this better not be a conspiracy to kill me. wait, that would be kinda flattering.

man, am i twisted or what?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

she, she and i are sitting there. wasting, waiting, whatever. the door opens, and we take notice each and every time. its not necessarily our duty, but we feel obligated to know who exactly is stepping into our territory. not that its necessiarily "our spot," but it is, indeed, our comfort zone.

but this one time. he walks in, with them. and i am sitting with her, and her. and its been a while. weeks, months, no ones really keeping track at this point. time has passed, and a great deal of it, at that. and although he didnt know i was going to be there, its pretty much to be expected. because i am there everynight. or so its assumed. but assumptions are based on truths, so if he thought i wouldnt be there, then hes a fool, right? right.

he says hello to her, and her. i can tell that im the last person that hed ever want to see, anywhere. i can tell this because he is the last person that i would ever want to see, anywhere. i know what questions are coming my way and know what kind of conversation is to follow. and quite honestly, i want to have nothing to do with that. he is on my territory, and im lounging. and if he tries anything, then its him that is disrupting the homeostasis of lower manhattan, not me.

he finally says hello to me and takes the seat next to me. we do the superficial chat talk. we arent really sure of what to say to each other, so the conversation is pretty much along the lines of...

"hi, how have been?"
"when did you get back?"

a few minutes later, another friend of mine sits down and asks if i wanna throw down on a game. i, of course, do. i know he is broke, so i ask if he would like to play as well. the regular throw down crew are small betters, but when you have a lot of people, those small bets add up real fast. he says that he will join in on the game. we throw a few rounds and then decide to up the ante. one person throws, the next person throws, and then i throw. and then he throws. now, his throw was pretty good, but i just rolled a triple 6, and theres only thing that can beat that. and he just didnt have it in him. so although, he and i didnt really know what to say to each other at the beginning of the night, my shoving all of his money into my pocket pretty much says it all.

i finished my drink and had a wonderful walk home.

Monday, April 04, 2005

you asked and i granted.

i think that makes big number three.

this genie is now relieved of all obligations.