Wednesday, April 27, 2005

in the early 1990s, one out of every 10,000 children were autistic. today, its one out of every 166. they say the major influences could be pollution, the mercury levels in vaccines and, of course, genetics. but lets face it, this society is going to hell in a handbasket and were not gonna have a cute little red and white gingham tablecloth to chill out on when we get there. we eat like garbage disposals, keep ourselves totally medicated with whatever we can get our hands on, do nothing but sit in front of the couch and/or computer and are, in general, utterly fucking depressed. this cannot make for healthy baby-making. no, not at all. i cant even begin to imagine how babies of the future are going to come out. [did you know that 1 out 5 teenagers has experimented/abused (god, those really sounded like barbara walter words) prescrition pills, a higher statistic than has used "illegal drugs"? and that the media has now started referring to them as Generation Rx??] either that, or its just natures way of population control. because like, whos gonna sleep with a retard? that is, if an autist even has sexual desires or even knows how his/her sexual organs fucntion. but then again, whenever any type of human malady that appears to be of epidemic proportions is brought to attention, i just figure that nature is pissed at us for being greedy little bastards that reproduce quicker than gremlins. and so she scolds some here and some there, but everyone will get their turn in the end.

also, my lovely home state of florida has just passed the "force with force" bill, which allows people the right to meet "force with force," even fatally, to defend themselves on the street when confronted with a threatening situation. am i the only one that sees a lot of gray area there??? its like florida is just shoving reasons down my throat as to why i should come back home.

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