Monday, June 13, 2005

so i went a whole weekend without getting drunk and, wow, was that boring or what. at least i got all caught up on the first season of americas next top model. a must see if i must say.

i need a vacay inna bad way.

so although reports say that michael jackson is flat broke, he has managed to easily pay off 12 jurors (and probably a judge and a few lawyers). money has definitely exchanged and im sure we'll have to relive another michael jackson scandal all over again. oh boy! seeing as how there is no tv in my office, i had to call scotty and have him the phone up to the tv. i of course then put my phone on speaker so the other girl in the office could hear the goings-on. oh technology! oh communication! how i love thee!

a visit to the yacht club is definitely in order.

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