Friday, June 10, 2005

(Part II)

my friend ema has a fake leg. it is shiny and glorious and sometimes, if i bat my eyelashes, show a little cleavage and ask real nicely, she lets me gnaw on it.

everyone was in full fucking party mode last and it was fantastic. i dont really have too many stories to tell because, quite honestly, i dont really remember much of the night. all i know is that there was a lot sparks bathroom chugging going on. it is the new cocaine, after all.

dsl walked up to me and said hello and my little heart fluttered like i was 19 again. fuck, i still remember the very first time i ever saw him. sigh. but i digress.

i got into a argument with some asshole outside of the bar that said the scene was dead. why i even chose to fight this battle is beyond me, seeing as how i have been removed from dnb for about three years now. and then he said that i "must have just gotten into the scene." whatever you say teenager, whatever you say. then the convo got a little heated and katy interrupted and dave slyly pulled me away and convinced me to go get another sparks. thanks, dave! :)

i think andrews retelling of last night pretty much sums everything up nicely...

Me: Katie... why don't you come with me for a minute?

You: Andrew... I'm fine, okay? I'm a lot better than I seem to be... you don't need to worry about me... especially since these guys are gay, and I'm not gay, and I've got a blade, so I'm the last person you need to worry about right now.


i have *no* recollection of that whatsoever.

Hahaha... yeah, we were in the back room, and Dave & Ema were going back onto the main floor, and Dave turns to me and is like, "yo, make sure katie gets out of here when you get out of here" Cuz there were like, five dudes nobody knew and they were eyeing you up. And you just said that shit way out loud. It was fuckin' awesome.

i woke up still drunk as hell, barely able to open my eyes. i convinced myself that i was not going to throw up and forced myself out the door. as i was walking to work, this gray-haired man walks passed me from behind and says to me, "you could make an ad for those jeans."

i thought to myself, maybe today wont be so bad after all.

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