Tuesday, July 26, 2005

after nine hours in the office, two hours working an event and a late dinner at one of my clients, i boarded the 6 train downtown to the broadway-lafayette transfer. just missing the F train, i took a seat and waited. after what seemed like forever, a V finally pulled up and i hopped on. whats walking a few extra blocks anyway? nearing 11:00, i was exiting the station when i felt my phone vibrating in my bag. a number i didnt know. usually, this is grounds for being sent straight to voicemail, but i figured it was a guy that i met at a bar a few nights previously.

its tim.
i know.
i have to tell you something. sit down.
im in the middle of the street, i cant sit down.
just sit down.
what do you want?
mikes dead.

and with that, the whole world briefly disappeared.

RIP Micheal Young.

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