Saturday, August 27, 2005

going to florida was a nice little break. if i thought it had been hot new york, florida quickly made sure to remind what hot really is. i spent the majority of my time doing my mothers laundry, trying to avoid stepping in dog shit and smoking cigarettes while drinking iced tea. not stepping shit proved difficult since theres 20 dogs in the house. you see, a few weeks beforehand, two of my mother's bitches had puppies and i got the honor of naming them, which has been the tradition ever since i can remember.

little baby pixie is the spunkiest of the bunch. she is a tiny little furball of a thing and we had to feed her mushy rice cereal because if she tried to nurse off of the nipple, the milk would come right out her nose. the puppies that were born a week after she was are twice her size. she is such a diva in training, for sure.

princess (or pwincess, if you remember the previous post about the pronunciation of my dogs names) is not the oldest of the bunch, but she sure looks it. pwinny had a few litters of her own back in the day and they wore her ragged. she was probably the best mommy outta all the dogs weve ever had. now when another of dogs has puppies, pwin paces in front of the cage, trying to sneak a peek of the babies. she also really enjoys being sprayed with the waterhose.

im really glad the south is finally putting out some good music consistently and that the sunsets never change.

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