Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hotmail has been down for an hour. maybe longer, im really not sure. it may have started refusing connections while i was on the train home. it was definitely working earlier. before i even left for work, that is, which was around 8:45 am. that is approximately two hours previous to me hanging up on my boss and walking out of the office, into the elevator and out of the lobby where i called max and apologized for not being able to assist him on his mapquest. but PCs and walking dont really go hand-in-hand, ya know? if hotmail does not start acting like the proper little lady that it should be, and i am effectively not able to look for a job, it will make having this beautiful afternoon off totally unjustifiable.

Friday, September 09, 2005

so i never got the chance to meet up with miss (soon to be mrs.) shannon. :(

i did meet up with my friend from florida.

and my daddy spent five days here, crashing on my couch.

i mustve walked my father over 20 miles by the time he left. by the time i picked him up at the airport and dropped his things at my house, it was already getting dark, so our choices of outings were somewhat limited. but what better place to see at night then times square, right??? so to 42nd street we headed. we played for awhile in toys-r-us, listened to some hip hop/ jazz street band and went into the hershey store. seems like a real quick trip, right? yeah right, a trip to times square is always anything but quick.

saturday we woke up and ate lunch at the shake shack where the burgers are awesome, but the shakes actually suck. we then had planned on going to the empire state, so we walked up there only to find out the wait was an hour and a half. we decided to pass on that for the day and we continued up 5th avenue. he got to see all of the major high-end department stores, eventhough dads dont really care about those sorts of things anyway, and i walked him to rockefeller center. now if any of you have ever been there, its a little disappointing in real life, especially when its missing the grandeur of the ginormous christmas tree. but its a landmark nonetheless and he seemed to really enjoy it. i then walked him around the block to radio city music hall and then to the giant LOVE statue. my father broke his heal awhile back, so we took a break, grabbed a soda from a vendor and sat for a bit and chatted on the statue. i told him that i thought he was rushing his wedding and voiced that i thought he should get a pre-nupt. he, of course, thought i was wrong on both accounts. hey, what can ya do, you know?

being on your knees is acceptable if youre in love

one of the main attractions he wanted to see while here was central park, so after we were done talking, that was the next place we went. we took another break in the main meadow and ate popsicles and watched these two idiots trying to fly kites who obviously had no idea what they were doing. dude, you gotta start with a short string, run like hell with that bitch and then loosen the line once its up and steady. duhhhhh. we meandered about and eventhough we missed the zoo portion of the park, i think i showed him a fair deal. hell, it was even the furthest north ive been in the park. but then we had to leave because daddy wanted to catch a broadway show and the TKTS booth opened up at 3pm. so back to times square we went.

we got our tickets and then ate at tad's steakhouse, which really isnt that great, but like, you have eat there at least once. we had a bit more time to kill so he sat down for a bit to call his fiance and i went "to buy a bottle of water" aka i reallly needed a fucking cigarette and had to get outta there. the show we saw was ok, but kinda weird, but at least i can now say that i saw a broadway play. i have now fulfilled my times square quota for the rest of my life and dont intend on going there again anytime soon.

sunday was soho, little italy and chinatown day. my father constantly eyed all of the pastry shops, but refused to buy anything because he was full already. i bought a bubble tea and he drank some of that, it was his first time and im almost sure it will be his last. i guess tapioca bubbles arent for everyone. for the past few days, he kept bringing up the rivers surrounding manhattan, particularly the hudson. so once we were done with chinatown, i walked him west through tribeca and then to the parks that border the west edge of the island where if you look one way, you can see the empire state in the distance, if you look the other way, you see the statue of liberty in the distance and, of course, if you look across the water, you see jersey (yay!).

i then walked him into that big glass financial building that houses merrill lynch (i forgot the name of the building, obviously), which provides the most perfect view of the wtc site and the surrounding buildings that are still undergoing renovations. man, that site is still heart-wrenching. i almost started crying the moment we even walked through the doors of the building. but then we walked to battery park because i figured wed catch a ferry and see ms. liberty as the sun was setting. we ended up just sitting around and watching the break dancing shows and then went home.

monday we trained it to queens and picked out my dress for the wedding. i had to get a dress two sizes too big because my boobs would not fit into the dress that was actually my size. we ditched queens and then went back to battery park to catch a ferry, but they had stopped selling tickets by the time we had gotten there.

went to battery park one more time on tuesday and boarded the 2:30pm ferry. that is, after my dad and i stashed my knife in the bushes. fucking security check points everywhere! the trip ended up taking hecka long, but the views were gorgeous and i dont think most people realize that the statue is not on ellis island, but is on liberty island, both of which we went to. we then turned around and went back uptown to the empire state because we figured that it would be late enough that the lines wouldnt be long. and really, the line wasnt long, but the viewing platform was still way too crowded to be truly enjoyable. then i took him to dinner at my favorite restaurant and that concluded his last full day here.

he went to work with me on wednesday because he wanted to see my office. which means he sat there for an hour and a half while i click-clacked on the computer and then it was time for him to head out. i walked him outside and told him where he needed to catch a cab and what he needed to tell them. really, i had been over him visiting after the second day. its hard having a parent crashing on your couch when theres already three of you in a two-bedroom apartment. but as i was saying goodbye i got all teary-eyed and watched him walk away, just wanting him to stay a little bit longer.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

this weekend:

1.) my daddy will be in town
2.) an old friend from FL who know lives in san diego will be town
3.) Smashist Shannon will be in town

arent i lucky???