Friday, January 13, 2006

according to the calendar, we are deep in the throws of winter. however. it is currently 45 degrees outside, but it feels like 60. people are walking around in a state of fashion confusion, not sure of what exactly theyre supposed to be wearing. the slight breeze and clear skies allow for a comfy feeling in nothing more than a long sleeve tshirt. but everyone is still clinging to their traditional notions of winter and are steadfastly refusing to ditch their winter digs by the wayside. i mean, all we usually fucking do is complain about how cold it is outside and exclaim that we cannot wait for spring to arrive. however. its really a very tormenting thing to realize that we may just not get a full four seasons this year. hell, it was colder than this back in autumn. but its hard to let go. it feels like youre almost giving up on january. and, january, i just want you to know that i have truly appreciated you in the past. im sorry for any harsh words against you that may have crossed my lips. i was probably just drunk and slurring obsenities anyway.

january, i really do believe in you and i dont think that you should give up. come through for us, january, we love you.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

there really are very few things more gratifying than realizing that someone has added your photo to their MySpace profile.