Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Songs with Perfect Timing

there are those rare times that a song hits the airwaves, or more appropriately, the internet that speak so perfectly to how you're feeling right at that exact moment. and, well, this song and right now are perfectly in sync. at least, for me. lack of resolution can be such a motherfucker and Jojo effortlessly captures that with her remake of Drake's "Marvin's Room."

see, i recently had my heart broken and with technology and the ways of communication being what they are today, i get the pleasure of watching firsthand said heart breaker move on with his life with another girl, undoubtedly just to inevitably break her heart as well. no matter how hard i try to look away, it's always still there, right in front of my face, chipping away at me with every byte each interaction fills. oh, the internet, such a blessing and a curse all in one pretty package!

so, yeah. FUCK THAT NEW GIRL. i'm STILL the G.O.A.T. and don't fucking forget it.


Dub The Thorax said...

Hang in there. Shit will get better. I'll text you some pictures of Bahamadia. That will make you feel better. <3

KatieWisdm said...

hahahaha! i hate AND love you so much!