Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who Wore What: The Queens Half Style Report

When you're running a race as treacherous as the Queens Half Marathon, comfort and functionality are always the top priorities when picking out your outfit. Thirteen miles under the blazing summer sun is an extremely intense work-out and runners always tend to dress for the worst weather scenario possible. But this doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice style for sufficiency. Besides, when you're running a race with thousands of other competitors, you sometimes want to stand out from the pack. Below, you'll see how five ladies and one man do just that and showcase their personalities through their running wardrobe, despite the incandescent conditions at yesterday's Queens Half Marathon.

Up first is Kuni I. Kuni caught my eye with her teal and white Nike high tops. I thought to myself, "those are really cute shoes to change into after a race." And then I noticed the D-tag still attached to her right foot. Yes, folks, Kuni ran 13.1 miles in high tops! How crazy/amazing (cramazing?) is that? Kuni just moved here from Japan and didn't speak much English, so I couldn't get much info out of her about her outfit, but isn't she just adorable flashing us the obligatory Asian-pose-peace-sign???

If you're a fan of The Office, then you'll understand why I was pulled to these two like a magnet. Both Sondra T. and Justin V.'s shirts read: "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Rabies Awareness Fun Run for the Cure." This episode from Season 4 of The Office is probably one of my all time faves. I mean, I'm a runner and it's about running, so duh, of course I like this episode. This was also Justin's first race ever. I feel like when someone tackles a distance like a half marathon as their inaugural race, there's no need for hazing, they're already part of the club!

The best dressed for injury prevention definitely goes to Mizz Bailey with hot pink kinesiology tape wrapped around her left calf. This adhesive accent offsets her neon orange Nike Lunar's quite nicely and the Nike training shorts she sporting are super short and sexy, but also mega comfortable when running. And I should know because I own a pair, too! Throw in a day-glo headband and a hammy pose and, voila!, that's how you become one of the dressed ladies at the Queens Half Marathon.

Almost too cute for words, the array of oranges in Mia F.'s outfit reminded me of a summer sunset and the royal blue sandals simply brought that imagery full circle. But if you think these sandals look just as comfy as I did, forget about trying to find them! These faux-Birkenstock style sandals are made of foam and came straight from the Philippines where Mia purchased them for the equivalent of $2 USD. This was Mia's eighth half marathon, so she definitely knows her gear by now and chose Zinsah for her compression calf sleeves.

Does red, white and blue ever go out of style? No! Lauren G. was reppin' her home state of Texas yesterday and threw up her longhorns for the camera to show her down south pride!


LaLa said...

Love this idea for a post! Hope you do it for other races.

KatieWisdm said...

thanks, glad you like it! i plan on doing it from here on out!